Sustainable Happiness

Today’s greatest health challenges, the so-called diseases of civilization—depression, trauma, obesity, cancer—are now known in large part to reflect our inability to tame stress reflexes gone wild and to empower instead the peaceful, healing and sociable part of our nature that adapts us to civilized life.

The same can be said of the economic challenges posed by the stress-reactive cycles of boom and bust, driven by addictive greed and compulsive panic. As current research opens up new horizons of stress-cessation, empathic intelligence, peak performance, and shared happiness, it has also encountered Asian methods of self-healing and interdependence more effective and teachable than any known in the West.

Sustainable Happiness is the first book to make Asia’s most rigorous and complete system of contemplative living, hidden for centuries in Tibet, accessible to help us all on our shared journey towards sustainable well-being, altruism, inspiration and happiness.

Excerpts from the Forwards

“At this crucial time, when our troubled world needs both a realistic vision and accessible methods of sustainable living, I am happy to recommend Sustainable Happiness to all who seek guidance from the wisdom of Tibet. The comprehensive system of contemplative living and learning introduced in this book holds enormous promise for helping us all to develop the wellbeing, altruism and inspiration we need now more than ever. I am immensely proud of Dr. Joe Loizzo’s great accomplishment, and absolutely delighted to welcome this magisterial work of his into the light of today!”

—Robert A. F. Thurman

Je Tsong Khapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, Columbia University, and President, Tibet House, U.S.

“Integration is the source of well-being and health that provides a secular ethic around which we can focus our efforts to bring the world to a scientifically grounded place of positive growth. Integration made visible is kindness and compassion. Whether we come to such integrative practices as individuals seeking lasting happiness through caring relationships in the world, or as professionals seeking to heal, teach or lead, the insights and methods introduced in Sustainable Happiness can inspire us all and offer vitally relevant strategies to all walks of humanity, and to the future of the world, this fragile and precious Earth, the home we all share.”

—Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

Co-Director, Mindful Awareness Research Institute; Co-Investigator, Foundation for Psychocultural Research/UCLA Center for Culture, Brain and Development and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine.