Joe Loizzo

Brief Biography

Joe Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D., is a psychotherapist and founder of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, a contemplative learning community that teaches timeless tools of self-healing and interdependence for today’s complex world. On faculty at the Weill Cornell Center for Integrative Medicine and the Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies, Dr. Loizzo lectures widely on the role of contemplative science in the future of health, education and contemporary life, and teaches regular public classes and workshops through Nalanda Institute and Tibet House US.

Personal Statement

“Raised by an existential psychiatrist in the heyday of psychoanalysis, as a boy I saw firsthand the costs of cutting psychotherapy and medicine off from their roots in our ancient spiritual traditions. As I admired my dad’s mission, I also watched him struggle with poor health, burnout, blocks to leadership and to nurturing and being nurtured by his family life. I vowed to reunite modern medicine and psychotherapy with our lost contemplative arts and sciences. Following Carl Jung, I entered the time-machine of Tibetan Buddhism, to find the world’s most scientific system of contemplative living.

As our research opens new horizons in evolutionary biology, brain science and positive health, we now trace the “diseases of civilization” to the panicked child and cornered animal in us all, writ large in our global crisis in economics, healthcare, terrorism and climate change. This book is the first to make the maps and tools of humanity’s most rigorous and complete path of self-healing and interdependence, hidden for centuries in Tibet, accessible to help us on our journey towards well-being, altruism, inspiration and happiness.” —JL

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