Sustainable Happiness

Today’s greatest health challenges, the so-called diseases of civilization—depression, trauma, obesity, cancer—are now known in large part to reflect our inability to tame stress reflexes gone wild and to empower instead the peaceful, healing and sociable part of our nature that adapts us to civilized life. The same can be said of […]

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…Joe Loizzo’s Sustainable Happiness guides us through the rich Buddhism of Tibet, clarifying its many arts of compassion in light of both current science and living tradition.

—Sharon Salzberg

Author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness

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Joe Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D., is a psychotherapist and founder of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, a contemplative learning community that teaches timeless tools of self-healing and interdependence for today’s complex world. On faculty at the Weill Cornell Center for […]

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